Katalon Analytics Testcase

Hi, I am working on an automation project on Katalon Studio and I am new to this domain.

The test case document has tests like verify login with invalid credentials , verify login with valid credentials, etc. I wrote a custom keyword and using if else condition implemented both the test cases into one keyword. And correspondingly one test case to call the keyword and incorporated both the scenarios.
But in Katalon Analytics, I want it to correspond to two different test cases. Is there way to do this without writing another test case as that would only increase the redundancy?

You need to have two different test cases. In order to eliminate the redundant code you can put the similar logic into a test case and call it in the required test cases and continue them. If you are worried about the redundant execution then there is no specific solution to this as both the scenarios have to be executed to declare them as tested.



Thank you @kavyavijaya.

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