Katalon Analytics report shows incorrect OS

Operating System: Ubuntu 18 64bit
Katalon Studio Version: Version: 6.3.3 Build: 11
Environment: Custom browsers, Operating systems and devices via TestingBot
Example capabilities:
User set preference: [‘name’, ‘Chrome@Vista’]
User set preference: [‘browsername’, ‘Chrome’]
User set preference: [‘platform’, ‘VISTA’]
User set preference: [‘maxduration’, ‘100’]

Steps to reproduce:

  • Run test case from Katalon Studio using custom browser using TestingBot. (The capabilities described above are just an example, all of my custom browsers have the same issue)
  • Test is completed
  • Report is sent to Katalon Analytics.

Expected Behavior:
The report is displayed and shows the correct OS and Browser of the tested device.

Actual Behavior:
The report shows the correct browser, but incorrect OS of the tested device. In all cases the displayed OS = Linux 64-bit (same as Katalon host OS)

Screenshots / Videos

Katalon Studio logs:
I do not think it is relevant to add Katalon logs for this issue. But I can add any info to help solve my issue.

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Thank you for the report. We’ve added this to our backlog.

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