Katalon Analytics Duplicates

Analytics keeps adding blank lines to the results set? See attached image.
Someone running a Team City test (trying to make it work) has trashed my Analytics results I can’t delete these results for some reason. I need to be able to do a bulk delete or be able to access the data somehow to clean it up

Sory for the issue. What was your Katalon Studio version and did you upload reports using Katalon Studio itself or the report uploader CLI?

I am currently using the 6.1 beta.

These duplicate reports are coming from Katalon uploading them. I don’t often do a manual upload but when I do I don’t get duplicates.


Can you send us your event log and error log files?
1/ Error Log: Go to Help → Error Log

2/ Event log

If there is no personal data you can post the log files here, otherwise, please send to info@katalon.com .

I emailed the error log as its wayyyyyy toooo big to post here?

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