Katalon Analytics (Beta) Integration

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Instead of having #executionNumber in graphs edges can we have dates? That will help in better comparison.

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How can we set the release verion of our app on katalon in order to be set on analytics automatically, because every time i run the test suites i have to manually put the release

Hello Miguel

I think you can do the other way around. In Katalon Analytics, you can create several releases but set only one release with active status and close the others. When Katalon Studio automatically uploads test results to Katalon Analytics, they all will belong to the only active release.


Thank you for the idea, is working now that way

hi @Jass

opening Katalon Studio, clicking on Project -> Settings -> Katalon TestOps is no longer possible to change the email and team.

katalon is updated to the latest version (7.0.5), with the previous ones it was possible.


Hello @fap

When activating Katalon Studio, you’re required to specify which Katalon TestOps organization, team, and project you’re working on. If you want to switch to another organization, you have to deactivate and reactivate Katalon Studio.


Hi @Jass, thank you very much, but how can deactivate katalon? where I can find the Activation section?

Hi @fap

On the top right corner of Katalon studio, select your account > Deactivate.


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Thank you very much! :grinning:

Is there any way to get the HAR file uploaded as well?

Or at least to see the request and response JSON when doing API calls?

Right now when a test fails we just see the Java exception which doesn’t do much for actually fixing the problem.