[Katalon Academy] Introducing the Katalon Certification Program!

Hi @viet.nguyen

Thanks for your reply. I understand Katalon but as an old user of katalon (since 4 years I think) I’m fell disadvantaged compared with a new user with a 30-day evaluation. Furthemore I miss only the test runs on katalon testCloud to get the Patrictioner and Professional certification :frowning:

Hi @vianney.maerte, thank you for sharing your interest in our Certification Program. The program aims to motivate our users using the Katalon Platform and support others in our community. Since you are attaining new knowledge and skills via the criteria of achieving our certificates, you can gain more benefit of contributing back to our community here on this platform (sharing tips and tricks, answer others’ problems, etc). This can result in your kudos and its equivalent perks Getting Started - Get recognized for your contribution with the Kudos Rewards Scheme! 🏆 , including the free license as your desire. Hope we could count on you for a better supportive community. Sharing is caring. Thank you. :heart_eyes:


You should either push-up yourself to complete the certification between the 30 Trial period or:

  • be active and gain Kudos points to gain a free licence
  • actually buy a licence

Do you really think certification is free? Certify for what? Just because you create an account on Katalon?


I’m using katalon studio since 2019 and I have done creating 1000 plus mobile test cases and did executions for the same. but it is not updated in my progress.

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Hi @bharathi.a, thanks for sharing this with us. Could you please share with us more which certificate criteria that you are trying to achieve?

Professional-level certification

which has the following milestones to achieve
Test executions in Katalon Studio: 0/75
Test suite executions in Katalon Studio: 0/3
Test suite collection executions in Katalon Studio: 0/1
Types of automation (Web, Mobile, API, Desktop): 0/2
Test results on Katalon TestOps: 0/100
Visutal testing checkpoints: 0/10
Test run executions on TestOps agents using Katalon Runtime Engine: 0/5

Thank you for sharing this. I will send you a private message to follow up the situation due to confidential information request.


Hi folks,

We have created a subcategory called Katalon Certification where you can discuss all things related to the Katalon Certification program and receive better support from our team and other members.

Hence, I’ll also close this topic to prevent any duplicated/redundant discussion. :+1:

Happy learning :sunglasses: