Katalon 7 not finding css selector

I recently upgraded to the Katalon Studio v7.0.8 (prior version was 6.3.2). Since the upgrade, many of the css.selectors for my objects are not able to be found by Katalon.

For Example: css.selector “body.HomePage.no-sidebar:nth-child(2) div.element.bg-darkblue.resources-element:nth-child(3) div.bg-darkblue div.content-element__container.container.py-3 div.row.justify-content-center div.col-12.col-sm-6.col-lg-4.flex-column.d-flex.mb-2:nth-child(2) div.resource-card.d-flex.flex-column.flex-grow-1 a.d-flex.flex-column.flex-grow-1 > h2.resource-card-summary__title” is unable to be found, but the xpath stills works for a locator.
Was a change made or is there a setting I have missed?

You probably don’t want to hear this but…

I use only CSS selectors. I use 7.0.8. All working fine.

Can I see the code you’re using? Can I see the HTML which is supposed to be addressed by that selector?

That’s what I wanted to hear, assisted my troubleshooting.
The extra large css selectors Chropath was generating were not working any longer for the site I was testing. Using Selenium IDE and trial and error I was able to resolve the issue.

Thanks for the timely response

Keep this in your head - the longer the selector is, the more brittle it becomes. Devs change one tiny thing, it breaks a ton of selectors.