Katalium Framework is now available - TestNG and Selenium made easy

Katalium is a test automation framework based on TestNG and Selenium that provides a blueprint for test automation projects.

For software testers and automation engineers who want to write Selenium tests, Katalon Studio is the best option at this moment, with a lot of built-in features to make designing test cases and applying CI/CD effortlessly. However, for those who still needs to work with TestNG and Selenium, Katalium Framework will give you a head start.

The framework is designed to be lightweight. Standard functions of TestNG, Selenium, and other popular open-source frameworks are leveraged to minimize the learning curve and transition efforts.

Please visit our documentation page for detailed instructions.

Katalium is open-sourced at https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalium.

The sample project is available at https://github.com/katalon-studio/katalium-sample.

Install Katalium Extension for Visual Studio Code here.

Learn about TestNG here.


ahaaa … so this is katalium about :))
i was watching some doc updates and i was confused, now the mystery is revealed.
i love the part with ‘opensource’

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How to set the custom preference and capability to the browsers.

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As we can use Selenium Grid with our Katalon Studio tests is it possible to utilise Katalium instead? Or have I got that confused with it’s capabilities?

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Thank you @Manish6 for your question. You can use Katalon Studio with Katalium Server as it is compatible with the vanilla Selenium Grid.

Thank you @Abhishek_Kumar_Gupta for your question. Please refer to this article:

Thank you…will try…

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Can i import katalon test cases in Katalium Framework. As I am facing lot of issues in katalon editor , and i want to continue with eclipse/Intellij but we have written large no of cases in katalon so can we import those cases in Katalium.


@amar_singh Unfortunately this feature is not available at this moment.

Thanks @devalex88 for your response .But actually i along with team members are suffering with Katalon editor . Are you guys planning to enhance katalon editor as this is one of the biggest pain point for the developer who is writing keywords in katalon editor. If some mistakes are made by developer while development then that are not notified at the time of development but at the time of execution in the form of error/exception.No refactoring and this list of issues just goes on. It would be great help if you guys focus on improvement of your editor apart from several features in coming releases…As this has become pain point for many test automation developers.

Thank you for the feedback. We have some internal prototypes for some improvements built on top of the new Eclipse platform but it needs some time to complete them.


Nice! Amazing!

@devalex88 Is this feature available now?

Hi @rthanisraj

Katalium is still free.

@ThanhTo have a bunch of test cases in katalon and i would like to import it to Katalium Framework. Is that possible?

Hi @rthanisraj

Katalon test cases are not compatible with Katalium. Katalium is essentially a wrapper around Selenium that exposes to you handy page-object templates to write tests in Selenium/TestNG. It is not meant to be compatible with Katalon artifacts.

is it possible to import and execute from intellij idea or it it is limited to visual studio