Kalaton Studio Linux - heapsize increasing without user interaction

Please let us know how would your work be affected if this issue has not been resolved?

  • I don’t care, I am not actively using it, but one day I may need it again
    Although the heap usage is reset after a while (giving a clue that garbage collector is working) this may be a hint that certain internal processes may mem-leak.
    In certain condition (with large project or long runs) this may contribute to JVM runing out of resources.

Operating System

  • Fedora 32 64 bit with KDE Plasma
  • Heapsize settings:

Katalon Studio Version

  • 7.7.1

Steps to reproduce:

  • Open Katalon Studio, eventually open a certain project
  • Enable ‘Show heap status’ in General setting
  • Grab a coffe and watch

Screenshots / Videos

Watch it here: https://streamable.com/53ry0j

@Russ_Thomas i think you were hit by this too …
@ThanhTo have fun with this!

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Yep. I keep the heap tool open all the time, always click it before starting any lengthy job (suite run).

Sometimes I notice it going nuts - no idea what the JVM is doing since it’s in a VM that only runs a suite overnight. It will allocate, free, allocate, free, allocate, free, allocate, free, over and over until I click the trashcan, then it settles down. As I went off to create the following image, VM1 was doing it :confused: