Just trust me, okay?


Just trust me. You really DONT want to do that.


Feel like I would need a bit of context here :thinking:

To most western eyes, the cat is reminiscent of The Godfather:

The cat’s words carry more menace by what is implied more than what is spoken.

I feel like this would fit in well here :laughing:

Just curious, anyone of you got a cat, or other pets, at home?

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Watch the videos I posted on the Food and drinks topic.


Just did, what are their names? And are you more of a dog or a cat person? :eyes:

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The brown pekingese like is Shrurub.
He is the elder in our family.
The name translates as “bolt” or “screw”.
He is ~8 years old.

The big black is Grig (short for Grigore, a common name here)
He came from the street, followed my wife when she took a walk with Shurub and refused to leave our place.
He is ~ 3 years old.

The white and grey one randomly appeared is Naida (not sure if i write it right)
In Russian language, as my wife told me, it means “Found”.
He appeared at my mother-in-low location past year and refused to leave.
After some investigations, we figured that apparently he was poisoned by an idiot (and probably beaten) and was looking for shelter.
We managed to make him in a good shape so he joined the zoo.

The cat is Masha.
She came also from nowhere at my mother-in-low location and now is adopted.
In am unsure if is a ‘she’ … it’s a bit savage and don’t let me to make a check.

We are mostly dog persons … well, because Shurub and Grig tend to chase cats, any of them in any color or shape, in different ways.

Shurub consider cats as friends, “hey let’s play”.
Cats may have something else in their mind.

Grig … ofcourse, will chase them because he is a hunter.
And producing collateral damage all over (dishes, gardening pots and so on)
Not sure about his true intention, could be like he wanna play also, but he is not aware of what he can actually do.

Naida is just Naida. He is friend with every being, except humans other then us.


Reminds me of my friend’s cat. It’s a British Shorthair, which is quite expensive to buy in Vietnam, but somehow she found it on the street and decided to adopt him (or at least that was what she told me :person_shrugging:)

Here it is back in 2018, I guess her cat is now well nearly 7-8 years now. And guess what, she has managed to amass 7 more cats (almost all of them British Shorthair :money_with_wings:)

I mean, you take he(r) to the vet every now and then, right?

Pretty sure one day Masha’s gonna snap :laughing:

Tell that to Grig. He is allways ready for a challenge!


In Republic of Moldova?
You gotta be kidding.
Pets are pets.
You throw them food you don’t need and this is it.
When we travel by car and kids see our dogs sitting like a boss they laugh a lot.
We are exceptions, because we care…

Bobby, another dog at my mother in law location had a serious internal fracture.
(apparently, yet another idiot hit him/her, no idea when)
We took him at Chisinau, luckily found good doctors in due time.
Had a serious surgery but he is fine also now.
Aaaand, even the doc was amazed “How come you travelled that far and paid a lot for just a random dog”? (took ~ 2 hrs driving from the location to the hospital and the surgery costed a lot)

I replied “Because is one of our dogs and we love him”!
(and despite that, was proved that, Bobby is actually a she a bit later.
Nobody noticed.
So yeah, went to the doc so? :stuck_out_tongue: )
I only trust my eyes, I know where to look for, provided he/she allows.

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This. We used to have a pet dog when I was a kid and we would feed it a mixture of rice & left over meat/bones from our meals.

Nowadays, I see many people treating their pets like their own children i.e. high-quality grains, gogurt for cats, pre-made pate for cats/dogs, etc. which if not as costly as having a child, I say it is getting nearly there :dizzy_face: :money_with_wings:

surgery in case of mistakes cost a lot more :smiley: so better take care from due time, if you care about your pet.
and everything depends also on the breed, etc.
same like with a children, give him junk and … yeah

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Interestingly, I just found out that today is International Cat’s Day :smirk_cat:

I wanted to have a cat so bad when I was younger but for some reasons (I am guessing superstitions), my mom always said that cats bring bad luck, and that they aren’t as smart as dogs :person_shrugging:

Besides bionel, are there any other members in our forum who own a cat? If yes, then show us :heart_eyes_cat:

If you know another member who owns a cat(s), then tag them here as well :3

I was grown like this also.
With the time (first pet and more and more) we find out that:

  • chocolate is poisonous for every dog. candies are ok, and they love sweets
  • pork meat is mostly toxic for any bred, with rare exceptions
  • chicken meat is ok. however, chicken bones can lead to internal damage, better to avoid for any. simply give them a cow bone, pig bones are also ok provided are parboiled (cow is ok raw, and raw beef also)
  • rice: avoid this for small sized, had an issue with my brother-in-low Kiki (small sized schnautzer). Due to the rice, got stucked and his anus was ‘out’ due to the effort to push. Luckily was solved in due time with minimal intervention but he needed doc assistance (travel, etc etc)
  • spices like salt, pepper, garlic etc are dangerous, they like cooked food if you give them the opportunity to taste, but will cause them various issues (vomit, diarhea etc etc). If to cook for them, chicken organs (hearts, etc) with rice is fine, but read again the above note. Simmered veggies are also fine, like carrots, broccoli etc. Or even raw veggies (some of dogs really like such and is very healthy)

… and so on

So, being the above, one may ask ‘why the effort?’
Well, in turn, you get unconditionned love.
For the rest they are exactly like kids. They got sick, they may be bored, they need attention, they may be stuborn, they need education …
And with the first one you learn, with the second you may do better (or worse) and so on.
The only difference is … dogs never ‘grow up’. They have a childish mentality for the entire life. They are ‘kids’ forever.

More funny facts:
Shurub love pickles (like in the food topic)
I avoid to give due to the salt content … but he is addicted.

He also likes onion, cooked or raw, no idea why.
Some time to time I tend to think ‘my dog is broken’