Jsoup plugin is quite old in latest Katalon, can you please upgrade it to the latest Jsoup version?

Please update the JSOUP version for Katalon, if it is ok.

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Why do you need to this to be upgraded?

Because the new one has some new api interface. Improved one.

In my case I packaged the latest jsoup with my jar and found that it conflicted with the existing one. I did not know it has its own. So i replaced it manually but thats not a good idea.

Now I have switched to the older 1.7.2 from Katalon and updated the code to match that.

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I need to use the latest features in Jsoup and my version keeps getting overridden by the outdated version included with Katalon Studio. Could you please provide a solution that we can get an updated version of Jsoup for our test cases?