Joomla dropdown box verifying if an element has a given lable

i have a joomla 3.x site which has a drop down box. I populate the box with options and I want the test script to check that the option has been added.

I can’t detect if the option text is there. the html is

Select an option


<div class="chzn-drop">

  <div class="chzn-search">

    <input type="text" autocomplete="off" readonly="">


  <ul class="chzn-results">

    <li class="active-result result-selected highlighted" data-option-array-index="0" style="">Select an option</li>

    <li class="active-result" data-option-array-index="1" style="">activitey group 1</li>

    <li class="active-result" data-option-array-index="2" style="">activitey group 2</li>



Joomla has a system (might be bootstrap) where the box is shown to the user as a list and the select box is display none in the background.

So the script elements I’ve tried are

TestObject yourObject = new TestObject()

yourObject.addProperty(‘css’, ConditionType.EQUALS, ‘#jform_activity_group_name’)

Mobile.tap(yourObject, 0)

WebUI.verifyOptionPresentByLabel(findTestObject(‘Object Repository/Page_A New Activity/li_activitey group 1’), ‘activitey group 1’,

null, null)  

I’ve also tried using object spy to get the object but with no luck. I’m guessing that it is something to do with the display:none and so Katalon can’t “see” the object but if that’s the case I don’t know how to access and test it.