Jira suite Reports - Version control

Hi guys -

Just a question on if there is anyway to integrate jira and katalon studio in the sense of reports or suite results. We use Jira and confluence very heavily for version control, and im wondering if there is anyway for when a suite is run for something to be created in jira to show that the suite was run and what the results were. This would prevent anything manually being done becuase atm when we run from the cmd we get a report but then have to manually enter in the results in jira for that version so we have evidence the cycle was run. Now i know this is a very particular situation, and at the minute its not that much of a pain but it would be nice if there was a feature along the lines of this.

Any recommendations would be appreciated, at the minute we are creating a test in that build version and then attatching the html file sent through email as proof the cycle was run.

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