Jira server integration using personal access tokens


I am trying to configure Jira integration for Jira server v8.20.8 with Testops organization Unifiedpost (ID: 272244). Our Jira server instance is integrated with Google G suite, allowing users to single sign on into our Jira server using their Google credentials.

We have installed & configured the Katalon plugin for Jira successfully.

Next we would like to enable the TestOps integration with our Jira server instance. According to the documentation for Jira Server:

  • Jira URL must be in the form of http(s)://domain, without any trailing parts. For example, /secure.
  • In the Username section, enter your Username instead of your email address.
  • In the Password section, enter your Password.
    However, sso Jira users do not have a Password credential. So this type of authentication will not work.

Kindly update the Jira server <> Testops integration to use Jira Personal Access Tokens.

Note that this could also be used in a slightly different way for the Jira cloud integration (personal access tokens are slightly different from the JIRA Cloud api tokens):
Cloud: curl -H “Authorization: Basic <base64(:>)” https://{jiraBaseUrl}/rest/api/
Server: curl -H "Authorization: Bearer " https://{jiraBaseUrl}/rest/api/

Looking forward to your reply, kind regards,

Hans Boone

Thanks for your post, I have reached out internally to get more eyes on this issue. Thanks, Sara