Hi all,

We’re in the process of modernizing our testing processes, and I had a question regarding the role of Katalon and TestRails.

While evaluating tools I stumbled upon Katalon, which seems great for building automated end-to-end and front-end tests. As well as TestRails, which seems to be all about managing test case suites.

I’ve managed to integrate TestRails with Jira through the plugin, however I now want to go one step further and wanted to pick everyones brain on the best approach to this.

Ideally, if a new enhancement or bug arrives, one of our testers should be able to cherry pick the tests that are necessary for that enhancement and click a single button within Jira and run those automated tests. This would be achieved by some sort of Jira+TestRails+Katalon integration.

Hopefully I am painting an understandable picture.

Any guidance on how to achieve this would be appreciated.

What plugin do you use to organize tests in jira? Does offer such customized button to click, which should trigger a certain api call or a certain bamboo or whatever CI job?
Or it has to trigger testrail which in turn will trigger the CI job?

What CI do you use (where will katalon run)? Jenkins, bamboo or any other tool or custom executor?

Your approach seems to be a bit overthinked.
I will go the opposite way, the user should cherry pick the needed tescases in the CI, trigger the execution, which will update the status in jira and testrail.

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