Jenkins Plugin - +x permissions are not applied to Katalon executable

Operating System
Ubuntu Server 18.04 w/ Jenkins 2.154
Katalon Plugin 1.0.1

Git repo of a Katalon project with a test suite.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Configure a Freestyle project.
    Source Code Management: Pull from the Git repo.
    Build: Execute Katalon Studio Tests; use version 5.10.1, supply the command.
    Then save the project.
  2. Build the project
  3. Watch the logs. First, Jenkins downloads the Katalon executable from GitHub.
  4. Then, Jenkins tries to run the executable.

Expected Behavior
Jenkins runs the executable without error.

Actual Behavior
A “Permission denied” error occurs.

Upon examining the directory where Katalon was downloaded, the Katalon executable does not have execute permissions.

After running chmod +x katalon and re-running the build, the build succeeded.

@Joseph, Did this happen with earlier version of Katalon Studio?

Hi @huynguyen. I’ll try the build using an earlier version of Katalon. I’m currently at the office, and we have connectivity issues with GitHub. I’ll get back to this later.

Thank you for the report. We’ve published Jenkins plugin version 1.0.2 that will set the katalon file as executable. I’ll inform you when the package is available at

Thanks @devalex88, I’ll look out for the update :slight_smile:

Jenkins plugin version 1.0.2 has been published. Please try again and let me know the result.

I wrote a short tutorial for this plugin.

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