Jenkins: Chrome crashing after latest update to version 80

I am using Jenkins to schedule Katalon builds periodically on a linux server. I did not have Chrome Browser installed and it ran fine. After version 80 rolled along, I got errors such as the following when running builds:

However, when I install/reinstall google-chrome-stable, I get the following error instead:

So without Chrome Browser, it tells me Chromedriver only supports version 80 (implying Chrome Browser is not installed) but after installing Chrome Browser, it crashes. I’m new to Jenkins and CI in general. Local machine runs these tests fine. Some help would be appreciated.


do you have this in properties file added?

Hi @Timo_Kuisma1,

Thanks for the tip, I have included that statement in but Jenkins tests are still failing.

The error is still as follows:
org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: unknown error: Chrome failed to start: crashed.


downgrade chromedriver and chrome to use .79