Java web service

I have implement a simple web service the method signature of web service is:

public OperationResult createUser(int systemId, int refId, String name,            String password, int planId, BigDecimal amount)

the OperationResult class is as follows:

public class OperationResult implements Serializable {    private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;    int resultType;    String result;    public OperationResult(int resultType, String result) {        super();        this.resultType = resultType;        this.result = result;    }    public int getResultType() {        return resultType;    }    public void setResultType(int resultType) {        this.resultType = resultType;    }    public String getResult() {        return result;    }    public void setResult(String result) {        this.result = result;    }}

i am using weblogic 10, when i am testing the service with weblogic it works successfully