Java compatibility

When I
first opened Katalon I got the error:’ ‘Workbench Auto-Save Job’ has
encountered a problem. An internal error has occurred.
Java.lang.NullpointerException.’ I have successfully opened it since then
without seeing this error but now I get the error
‘Cannot generate test steps’. We tried putting the software and the test
case in another folder but still got the error. Our IT expert had a look and
said that as the version of Katalon application is an standalone application
and runs its own Java and other .Net and .DLL files, it doesn’t use
existing/pre-installed system files or objects. So he believes there is a
compatibility issue with the version of Java and .dll files on our systems. Is
there a workaround for this?

@“Linda Vigor”: May I ask which version of Katalon that you are working on?

We are using 5.1.0

Hi Linda Vigor,

Please try using the latest version 5.2 and see if you still observe your issues. I believe both of your issues have been fixed on that version.


Thanks. We’ll try that and let you know the outcome.

We have installed the latest version and although I have only had time to record a couple of scripts it seems to have resolved the issues. Thanks for your help.