It's spooky season! πŸŽƒ

Happy Trick Or Treat GIF by Kennysgifs

Happy Halloween! :ghost:

Since Halloween is not celebrated that much in my country, I was wondering how you are celebrating it, especially our forum members who are living in the Western hemisphere :eyes:

  • Show us your Halloween decorations e.g. your house, or your desks, or your office.
  • Show us your Halloween costumes, or if you don’t have a costume, then tell us what your costume would be like on this day
  • What is your Halloween-night routine? i.e. Trick or Treating, Netflix and Chill :eyes:

Sidenote: I am also in look for a good horror movie, TV show, or game. If you know any good one, then comment below :point_down:


A great halloween costume created by one of our coolest sales guys andrew wishner