[Issues] Katalon Studio 7.0.6: Can't create a project after activation

I’ve just recenly downloaded Katalon Studio 7.0.6. But in this version after i activate the Katalon app using my Katalon account.

It activates successfully but after that i can’t do anything else ( Create a new project, Open a project … ) beside minimize or maximize tabs.

Am i missing any step or this version is having a problem. If i’m missing or doing sth wrong, what should i check.

Hi @Melo

Please send us the log file under Help > Error Log when you fail to create/open a project.

ErrorLog.txt (316.7 KB)

Above is my error log file. I don’t know what i missed or did sth wrong tho. But i can’t create a project using File → New → Project or clicking the New Project hyperlink in the Tests Explorer tab.

Hi @Melo

Try to go to Preferences > Katalon and choose open a clean session, close and open Katalon again.

i’ve already done that and it didn’t work. Plus when i first installed Katalon 7.0.6. In Preference --> Kataton checked “Open a clean session” option as default.

Hi @Melo

We have attempted a fix for this issue in 7.1. Please try it out and see if the problem persists. More about Katalon 7.1 is available in the release note.

Thanks !