Issues getting Katalon Recorder to read password field variable.

Hey everyone,

I am pretty new to katalon recorder and synthetic checks, right now I am just practicing making simple scripts to export over to new relic. My latest script was just a simple login to amazon with an email and password. The email field reads the variable, however the password field does not and it is like this for all of my scripts. For amazon it is the first one to actually accept the password from the json file I created, but it has to go through the test twice to read it.

I have used echo to see what the value was in the logs, the first just comes-back with the variable name ${password}, but then the second run will input the variable. How do i go about getting the variable inputted in the first try?

Took a quick look into this, didn’t have the opportunity to test out what is wrong, but potentially this hidden text input field might be causing the issue.


thanks for taking a look, ill go ahead and check it out. i appreciate the help!