Issue with using Excel Files as Test Data


I have created Test Data with Data Type ‘Excel File’ and used Excel file in it. Now in my test case Im taking a variable and accessing this data by using ‘findTestData’ method. Locally it is working fine but with Katalon docker Im getting the following error:

I also tried using ‘Show Data Bindings’ option in test suite. That way it is working fine but I can not using different profiles with this. Like I want to have separate data files for different profiles so that I can not do with data binding.

Is there any option/ solution for this? I want to use Excel Files as Test Data and with different profiles.


check this chain

Hi @Timo_Kuisma,

Im still getting this error after changing the file format:


some one else faced this issue too, maybe this is a bug

my suggest is implement own excel util as new keyword class where all needed functions are utilized

Are you using the same KS version for local and Docker execution?