Issue with Test Suit when using the same Test Case many times

1. Lets one create a test case with string variable named “TestVar”. And lets print this variable during execution
2. Lets create a test suite with this test case 2 times.
3. Lets open a variables binding window and initialize this variable. In first call let it be “FirstValue”, in the second call - “SecondValue”
4. Execute a test Suite.

Expected behaviour: There are 2 print results in console:

Actual behaviour: There are 2 same results in console:

How am I supposed to initialize test case variables with different values?

Does anyone have an idea, how handle this?
I just need to call a test case in one suit several times, each time with different variable values

this feature it is buggy, therefore rolled-back in latest release (5.8.6)

until further notes from development team i am afraid any attempt to use it will lead to no relevant results