Issue with IE browser

Hi All…getting IEDriverServer.log only local connections are allowed error while launching test case in IE browser.though all set up are done in IE browser wrt security protect zone setting enabled/disabled(unique setting) and zoom level is 100%.Kindly help us to overcome this issue.

provide the suggestions to overcome this issue.

Although, the error that you are stating is just an informational message and it should not stop your execution. But, if you are facing problem while execution you would need to check few combinations of IEDriverServer and selenium version to resolve the issue

I would suggest you to use the 32 bit version of IEDriverServer even if your machine has 64 bit OS because I faced slowness issue while using 64 bit IEDriver

Settings -

Zoom 100% Protected mode - Either enabled for all zones or disabled for all zones. IEDriver.exe - Try using 32 bit Selenium biniding - 1st try with 3.0. If it doesn’t work, try 2.53.1