Is this possible to use Windows Desktop testing features to download a file in Katalon?

Is this possible to use Windows Desktop testing features to download a file in Katalon?

When trying to download a file from the internet, the windows dialog appears. Is this possible to use Windows Desktop testing features to deal with that dialog?

Hi @gdearest07

Is it a pdf ? You can configure WebDriver’s desired capabilities to allow file download such files

Otherwise, you can try to use Robot’s class:

Currently, Windows desktop tests cannot be run along with Web tests yet. !

Hi @ThanhTo,

Thank you. Is somebody working on using Windows Desktop testing features along with Web tests yet?

In UFT, it’s possible to handle Windows dialogs while running Web tests. So, when I saw that Windows Desktop testing was available in Katalon, I assumed that it was possible to do the same in Katalon. If you can implement it, that would be a great selling point.

@ThanhTo, yes, this would be useful in a few scenarios where deliverables include features involving the browser app (not the web page running inside it) and other Windows resources.

Please make this a feature request!

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@ThanhTo, is this a correct link? I cannot see anything about using Robot’s class there.


Sorry my bad, here’s the link:

As requested, I have opened a feature request. We will consider it for future releases, and will let you guys know when there’s more information.

Thank you for you report !

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@gdearest07 from groovy, you can call OS commands, execute scripts and so on, using the .execute() method.
some examples here:

combine this with curl, or wget for windows, or a powershell script and you are set, no more pop-ups, see:

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Thank you @bionel. It’s definitely an interesting solution and I’ll look into it. Not sure though, it can be used in my current case, cause I’m downloading pdf files that are generated dynamically.

so you can combine them. grab the pdf link via the webtesting approach, and call the script to download them. easy peasy.

@gdearest07 My two cents … We have two more workaround for this scenario.

  1. Using AutoIT tool.
  2. Using Winium - Within Web test, you can handle windows dialog
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@bionel, there is no pdf link as such (i.e. there is nothing like https://pdfurl/pdfname.pdf) after the pdf file has been generated:

Thank you, @discover.selenium, for your two cents. I’ll look into these solutions as well. As for as I remember, after recording Windows dialogs with AutoIT, some kind of executable is produced, which can be not easy to use unless you are running your tests locally.

Hi @gdearest07,

Yes, AutoIT creates .exe, which has to be called in your script. I use the SPY feature to identify the windows element.I don’t rely on record feature.

I haven’t tried the above one. Please give it a shot.

Steps :

Download and extract from
Run Winium.Desktop.Driver.exe
Download the jar package.
From Katalon studio --> Project settings --> External libraries, add two jars winium-elements-desktop-0.2.0-1.jar and winium-webdriver-0.1.0-1.jar (Refer :
Use the example below to import the Winium driver and use script into Katalon Studio.