Is there anyway to use items from global var map through the UI


I think this may have been answered by the post below, but If I have a globalvariable Map that stores a number of options. I then have a test case which needs to call into another testcase and pass one or many of the options from the map in.

I assume there is no way of doing that using the Katalon UI only?

The people who will be using this test project are not programmers, so I am trying to find a way to do as much as possible through the UI to enable them to work with ease.

Of course I have already had to write some script to do certain things, but if there is a way to do the above, can somebody point me in the right direction please, thanks :slight_smile:

You can “pass them in”, like you say, or just dig them out in the called test case. They’re “global”, after all.

I feel I would be able to give some input into this issue, but I do not quite understand your intention yet.

Please show that globalvariable Map ---- screenshot or code.

Could you please provide some readable psuedo code that presents your intension?

To this is just a couple of possible options of mimetypes, but If I find a nice solution, this will continue 50 entries.

My test case will be creating a document type which is just an object that allow us to restrict the type of document we can upload/assigned to it by setting mime-types.

These mime-types are available on screen in a multiselect listbox, whereby the user/test can select one or many mime-types.

For that mime-type selection, I was thinking of having a shared test case that somehow accepts one or more mime-types from the map object. So I am expecting to have a variable in this shared test case to take those mime-types, so probably a ‘list’ type variable…

I will then have some code in that test case to iterate over that list and set the mime-type using the ‘Select Option By Value’ method.

So, back in the main test case, when I add the shared testcase to it, how do I get the values from the global map object in to that shared test case using the UI.

I hope that makes a little more sense.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

Russ_Thomas has suggested that this is possible through the UI, but I must be missing the ‘how’ part :slight_smile:

You can use any means you like to pass them in -

  • UI (Profile - GlobalVariables) or…
  • WebUI.callTestCase