Is there any way to send email without disabling the Antivirus

While configuring the email with katalon i am getting following error

After browsing, i got to know this is happening due to antivirus. But since our company policy does not allow to disable anitvirus, so is there any way, we can configure email without disabling the antivirus.

Thanks in advance

you may want to check with gmail what are the propper settings for smtp (outgoing email). as far as i know, unsecured port 25 and attached protocol is disabled by default since at least 10 years ago … and usualy blocked by any sane company policy

Thanks for the response.

Screenshot attached is what Katalon has given me the error else my settings are and 465, SSL.


Please try to change the protocol to SSL, port to 465.
Have you take a look at this documentation ?

Regards !

@Vivek please make sure also that your Gmail account is properly configured.
From what I found, for TLS/STARTTLS the port has to be 587, see this guide: