Is there any inbuilt function to get the text boxes clear?

I have a date field and it displays the current date & date picker by clicking on the text box. so i want to verify the validations on the text box. please suggest if there is any inbuilt function to clear the text box other than set text?


There are a few approaches to this:

  1. WebUI.clearText - assuming this target’s the elements value property - the docs aren’t clear about this (worse, the WebUI member is not documented but it does exist).

  2. Click the form reset button - assuming it is available. This will put the form back to the original load state (which may not be all controls empty).

  3. Write some code to do it yourself (benefit, you know exactly what it’s doing. Downside, code you have to maintain).

Thanks Russ…clear text didn’t work for me hence used the setText and made it as null.

another help…as i explained in the above text field is displaying the current date in the text box. how to verify whether the date is correct or not with Katalon script?