Is there an automatic option for cleaning up cache in KS 6.3.3 or KS 7

Hi All,

We are using KS 6.3.3 for execution of test suites and after one test suites execution it takes longer time to execute the second one unless we clear cache of the system. Can someone suggest us how we can automatically clear cache created by KS from the system?

What do you mean by “cache”? What do you do to clear it? Screenshot?

Basically the systems temporary files which saves certain memory cache we usually clear those. If not the KS becomes very slow during execution.

Sorry, I have no idea. I have never seen a situation where the Windows temporary files affects the performance of KS.

@ThanhTo @duyluong

Any idea?


maybe you can write .bat file where those .tmp files are deleted before test execution
and add the call to the KS test script
cd “to path where files are”
del /s /q /f *.tmp

and call in testscript

Runtime.getRuntime().exec(new String[]{“cmd.exe”, “/c”, “delete_tmp_files.bat”});

Yes we did use bat file as you have mentioned but I wanted to check if there was any automated process within Katalon to do so?

I happend to find the following post by @duyluong

  1. Clear the terminated executions frequently
    If you have a long working day with Katalon Studio, the Job Progress may be filled up with many execution histories that also makes Katalon Studio takes more memory than usual. The advice here is pressing the recycle bin button to clear all terminated execution history.

I would recommend to set
Project Settings>Execution>Log executed test steps

This would reduce the amount of logs recorded by KS significantly. This may turn your “cache” light-weighted.