Is there a way to count the number of failed steps in a test case?

If I have a Test Suite with 10 test cases and each test case has 300 steps. There is a chance of failing multiple steps (indented) in each test case. Is there a way to get the failure count of each test case…!

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If you use Jenkins, you can use Test Result Analyzer plugin to get number of failures.
Other option - try to use @TearDownTestCase function of Test Suite (in combination with Test Listeners) that will store number of failures.

I think @Lakshminarayana_D wants to count the steps, and your solution would count test case pass/failure number. No?

Yes. I would like to know the number of steps failed in each test case.

Thank you for the question. The feature will be available in the next release of Katalon Analytics. There is no plan for this feature in Katalon Studio at this moment.

Hey Alex…! Thanks for the update.

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