Is there a way to change the profile value while executing the test

For my case I need to gettext from Page1 then store in profile to use it in Page2. I hope there is a feature available for me, otherwise i need to write my own code to keep in csv.


variable that is defined (and set/changed value) in profile is accessible from all TC running in same Test suite.

I know I can read it, now i want to overwrite the profile value

What is profile value? You mean Global Variable in Execution profile?

you can write to it too, however, value is visible only for TC executed in same Test Suite (or if you call TC from other TC)

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I found the way to keep on changing the value, but Yes as per what @Andrej_Podhajsky highlighted the value can use within the test suite if the execution still active.

Here how I make it works

  1. Create new custom profile and new value

  2. Then in the test case when u need to capture or overwrite the value, add this code in
    internal.GlobalVariable.Country = WebUI.getAttribute(testObjectName, ‘value’)