Is there a clickAbsoluteOffset for Windows?

The documentation I’ve found for click…Offset requires some sort of test object, which then will click an offset from the upper-left corner of the WTO.

Its not working for some reason, and I’m wondering if there is support when using Katalon with native Windows apps to click a set of coordinates that are either an absolute distance from either the actual upper-left corner of the desktop, or the upper-left corner of the Windows application window frame?

I understand this will be enormously fragile, since if the Window moves slightly, the code will break.

However, the application I am working with JUST SO HAPPENS to faithfully recall EVERYTHING about its previous state: position, size, state of treelistItems, etc. I can completely rely on the fact that if I don’t move the Window, it will stay in the same place each run, so I can get away with this kludge if its supported somehow.

I’ve posted elsewhere that for some reason the exact same code will execute once, but not twice, and my hope is to get around that using absolute coordinates.