Is it possible to setup Katalon Analytics locally?



+1 any update on this ? Thanks



+1 Any more informations ?



This is a major issue for the company I’m working with as well. GDPR is blocking the possibility of uploading test results externally.
It has been 2 years since this topic was started. How are we doing on this and how much longer do we have to wait?


And why? Since when should tests results contain sensitive Data?
Not even in any of your test cases should be any form of sensitive data, so I actually don’t understand why you talk about data safety and GDPR issues…

Correct me if im wrong but I actually don’t see any issues here!


not true, unless your test reports contains personal data and you upload them to a public available site without any protection.
if you are not confident in hosted KA use testrail, or any other tool to centralize the test results (own server or hosted services)


It makes no sense to use such sensitive Data in any kind of testing environment…
Create a dummy environment with dummy data and voila, there is nothing to worry about anymore.


@Dominik_Kreft well … let’s suppose you have to do a real px test with real data … however, you upload only the test results, not test data.
and even if, for some reason, some personal data from db may leak into the report, you give the access to the reports only to entitled persons, even with KA.
so … arguing with GDPR is realy not an issue unless somebody don’t have any clue what GDPR means.

i do understand the concern but … @mattias.norin i am working also under EU regulations but nothing stopped our company to use centralized hosted reported services.
we simply take care of who may see it …


Our legal department will not buy that for a second. I guess we will have to look elsewhere for a test tool.


or change the legal department :smiley:
on the other side, nothing stop’s you to upload the reports to an own hosted apache server. i did that and is not rocket science


yeah lmao, maybe they should learn something about their job :sweat_smile:

Yeah of course that could be somehow possible… but, to really hurt the gdpr rules you need different set of data, that would somehow identify the person behind that.
And that shouldn’t be in any test data…


that’s a different discusion. qa testing vs px testing and so on
testing with dummy data has a great importance. as real data tests too
but proper planing can avoid such concerns
let’s stick with the topic thread


You can rant all day about this but it isnt very helpful. You fail to adress the issue here, the demand for a local setup for KA.
And telling people that they should learn their job isn´t very professional when you don’t know anything about their circumstances.
So if you don´t have any useful input about the topic please save your breath.


@mattias.norin sorry if the discussion deviated a bit, nobody intended to offend you, therefore the emoticons.
as for the topic subject … yeah, agreed, local KA will be nice to have (altough i still stay strong on my position, GDPR is not an valid argument on this matter)
but i hope you realise usualy such features are provided per/cost … will see if katalon team has the intention to offer this product also as part of the enterprise plan … or even free.
in the meantime you can try to search for alternate solutions as i sugested.
report centralization should not stop you to use or not to use a tool, that is the final part in the testing pipeline.
there are plenty similar options ‘in the wild’, some of them free, some paid. or build a custom solution


any update


Hello everyone,

We plan to release the on-premises Katalon TestOps (Katalon Analytics).

Meanwhile, stay tuned!



thanks for the news!


It should to be


The on-premise version has been released. If you want to try it, please contact



Is it possible to install it localy ?