Is It Possible To Click An Element In Web Even Though That Element Not Appear In Dev Tool Mode?

hello i am new on katalon, and trying on testing a web with online office, the problem comes when i want to try on the text area. it cannot be written there. after checking the dev tools mode i found that the text area did not trigger at that position. here are some pictures from my case

from the picture, i want to change the “example” title but when the test case run is done without any error, it does not change anything. here is the picture from my test case

I’m sorry to have to tell you this but once you enter a <canvas> element you are leaving the HTML universe and entering into another universe where the laws of physics are very different :confused:

You can search the web for articles that will tell you the pitfalls and some workarounds. Here’s one I found:

thanks for your advice, it helps me a lot to get better keyword for searching it