Is it possible to automate mobile(android) without connecting with laptop/desktop by using katalon?

Hi Friends,

I’m new to katalon studio, I need to do mobile automation testing . I want to automate mobile without connecting mobile through USB . I have surfed in internet for the same but I seen we need to connect mobile at least once. is anyone having solution to connect and automate mobile WiFi itself.
Kindly help me on the same.

Thanks in advance.

Hello ,

What you are trying to do is not katalon specific , it’s an android problem
For non rooted phones to use the adb over the wifi ,you need to connect it at least onco so that your phone trusts the pc ,a few months ago i tried to do it without connecting to usb but no luck , AFAIK there is no way to get this to work , which is a good thing because imagine if anyone could connect to your device .
by the way If you have a rooted phone it’s very easy to do i could halp you in this case.