IOS Mobile testing - Can we run the testcases in the iOS devices with out using a cable

Hi Everyone,
Can any one help me on this please. When comming to iOS mobile testing, can we run the testcases in the iOS mobiles without using the cable? Means like the developers run their code in the xcode using connect via network. It is possible for testers to run the testcases in the kalon - iOS without using the cable?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @charan.keshavreddy,

I have just found this video Run Appium over Wifi in iOS on youtube. And because Appium can do that, so Katalon can too.

I’ll try it first, and tell you later. But it could take a few days for me to arrange my works. Could you wait till then /=)

Thank you for your response @thongnmtran. Yes sure, will be waiting for your next response. Mean while am trying to working on it.

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