Invalid Warning in UI with Cucumber feature when langage is french

Operating System Windows 10

Katalon Studio Version 6.2.2 build 4

Steps to reproduce

  • create a cucumber feature file
  • add # language: fr as the first line to set langage of keyword in french
  • create a simple scenario using french keyword “Etant donné que”
  • only the keyword “Etant donné” is highlight as a valid keyword, the french word “que” is viewed as part of the step
  • if you defined the steps, the warning said that the step is missing (that is not the case, the feature file is running well)

Expected Behavior
The keywords “Entant donné que” and “Etant donnée qu’” should be taken into account, it is not the case
see Gherkin Reference - Cucumber Documentation for the full list of keywords

Actual Behavior
The keywords is not highlighted and the step is not recognized in the UI
However the test runs well, it is only a false warning in the UI

Screenshots / Videos

From your reference Gherkin Reference - Cucumber Documentation

There is no “Étant donnée qu”

Yes a small mistake, but it works (strange because my steps said :
@Given(“il y avait {int} concombres”)
public void debut(Integer initial) {
comcombre = initial;

anyway, if I remove the “e” I got the same error and warning as in my screencopy

So the bug is here anyway, it does not understand
“Etant donné que” or “Etant donné qu’”

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