'invalid element state Element is not currently interactable and may not be manipulated'

After a ‘purchase’ that I am automating, I am redirected to this Paypal page. I can navigate with ‘click’ through the fields username and password withour problem. But when I try to ‘send text’ I get an error ‘invalid element state Element is not currently interactable and may not be manipulated’. However I can fine write the credentials and password by hand and successfully login to the site.

REMARK: In my script I am not yet clicking on “Log In” I am still trying to figure out how to write the password in the password field.

Can anyone explain how this can be solved or what the problem is?

Am I the only one having problem inserting the password in the password field?

There are plenty of questions in different fora regarding ok to insert in any field for example userid but not in password field, it is like dead, it seems to be a security protection.

Googling in Selenium communities it seems to be a very frequent problem regarding password fields. In a Selenium community i found with exact the same symptoms as i have the explanation:

“there are 2 inputs for password, the first one is not visible and the second is visible. I should enter the password in the first input. After I click on the box manually, the html code changes and the first input for password becomes visible (display:inline) and the second changes to display:none.”

In another thread in this forum there is a solution which I have not been able to put to work:


Please someone explain how to write password to a password field like Paypal above.

Use (WebUI.delay(3)) before the call to the element that shows the error.


@Rostyslav Biliaiev - Thanks a lot. I added the delay of few second and it worked for me.
Issue that I was facing was similar to the one stated above. I was unable to input value in username/password field on login screen.

@Rostyslav Biliaiev Thanks. Adding WebUI.delay(3) before the call that shows the error worked for me. Ive been stuck on this for about 2 weeks now.