Invalid Argument: Socket


I can’t get Katalon to record or use the SpyWeb with any browser. Every time i try to do a recording or Spy Web i get the error : Invalid argument: socket


Anyone had this problem? I couldn’t find anything on this forum or the web…

Thank for your suggestion, Dobromir. We will put a notification in case Katalon doesn’t have permission to start recorder.

Thanks, Duy.

I seem to have solved the problem:

Katalon’s directory was copied on my desktop, which is actually on a network drive. I decided to move it to a local disk and when i re-ran the program the Windows Firewall kicked in, asking for permissions etc. After accepting the Firewall permissions Katalon is now able to properly start a browser and record/play.

All is good now, but maybe you should look into the problem and see why it doesn’t behave normally on a network drive.