Introduction to Tag system - “Teleport” to your searching topics in the blink of an eye

1. Tag system in a nutshell

Categories offer a neatly-organized feed page and topic groups for forum users, yet they are inflexible, generic, and restricted. Meanwhile, the tag system can be applied as a nimble and efficient tool to search, group, and identify your topics within a few clicks.

Here are 3 reasons why Tag system is your searching best bet:

  • Flexible: You can create, apply and change tags - while you can not do the same thing to the defined categories.
  • Specific: You can assign multiple tags to the same topic, even across categories - this helps your topic to be specific and lessen the gap time to meet the solutions.
  • Transparent: You can view a list of all tags, and filter searching topics by tag.

2. Search for a problem with tags - “Teleport” to your on-demand topics

  • Step 1: Access the Tags option and direct to the Tags page
  • Step 2: Click the tag name reflecting your searching topics
  • Step 3: Scroll down to find similar topics with your concerns

Here is a quick guide for searching through tags:

Access the tag page

3. Creating and applying a tag - make your helpful topics searchable

Before creating a novel tag, make sure that your topic is within newly-generated content that has not been included in any appeared tags.

create tags

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<> Miscellaneous: Refer to Tags page for a thorough check, sometimes your wanted tag has already been on-shelf!

4. Naming a new tag:

Your tag should be short, distinctive, and on-topic. You should pay a visit to the Tags page for reference on how to name a relevant tag to your topics.

5. Changing your applied tag

You can make quick editing on your already-applied tags by clicking the editing button of the topic title:

changing tags
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