Interview with katalon team I had given interview with katalon team , I have not received my 75 kudos points till now, I hope you will solve this issue,

Thank you

Probably haven’t seen your request or he is working on it.

Hi Shakkir,

Thanks for letting us know.

Would you mind telling us which User interview you joined? And also provide us with a screenshot of an invitation or registration as well?

It may be the case that our Product team invited you via email and we were not informed of it.


With the prooduct team,I gave my feedback about katalon studio and katalon recorder

1 Like So I will receive my kudos points soon, right?

Hi Shakkir,

Thanks for the confirmation.

And yes, you will receive an additional 75 Kudos for your participation in our User interview.

Please note that this amount will not reflect on your account just yet as it is currently a limitation of our vendor Discourse. Nevertheless, we will note down your actual Kudos point on our ends. You will only need to do a little math by adding 75 to your current Kudos points.



I have already crossed 300 kudos points, I am eagerly looking to cross 400 kudos that i can get my katalon platform license and get certified in katalon afterwards, but still my 75 kudos points for the interview is not added up to my tally, if you could do it now, I can speed up my certification the way I speed up my automation process using katalon studio, Thank you! :innocent:

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