Integration with ITSM tool


I’m not sure if this the right category to post my doubt but it is the best where it fits, i guess.

I’m trying in some way to integrate Katalon with ServiceNow but don’t know how.

The goal is to transfer automatically to ServiceNow the test reults obtained in Katalon.

Is there any public API offered by Katalon to do this? There are other options to do the transfer from one point to the other?


I also landed into the same requirement.
In my case, Manual test cases recorded and executed in Service Now, Where as for automation testing we are using Katalon.
Are there any tools/adapters that can help moving the results of test cases from Katalon to service now, or vice-versa.

I am sure this would be the same for all if we use two tools, one for manual testing and other for Automation testing.

Can someone through some light on this? Thanks for your support.