Integrate Katalon Studio with Jira

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I do not see Option “Integration” in the Katalon Project Settings. I am using version 7.5.10. Please can you help me get this option so that I can run my execute the test directly from bitbucket.

Please can you also suggest how Katalon can directly execute test cases from bitbucket

Hello there

Please see the following links


I cannot see anything in the Integration folder: image

Please advise what should be done in order to see what is shown on and

By the way,

Does someone do some kind of proofreading on Katalon documentation website?

Hello @gdearest07

If you are looking for Jira Integration screen in Project Settings, please go to Project > Settings > Plugins > Jira. We have updated the document thanks to your feedback.

The Integration view was dedicated for qTest integration; hence we removed it to reduce confusion (by the way, for qTest view, you can see it in Project > Settings > Plugins > qTest).


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