Integrate awaitility to test case

I’m new to katalon testing and try to test some of the “behind the scene” of a website, like the creation of a file in the right folder for example. and for gain some time because i don’t like to put an arbitrary delay, i would like to use awaitility for that i used a jar dowloaded in this link. Awaitility have some groovy code but I dont see the example of the use of customKeyword and the " information on how to use the email validation functionality from Apache open source library commons-validator-1.5.1.jar" for helping me to know how to do it.Some already used it?

Hi Bruno

Awaitility looks very interesting - thanks for the link.

I would suggest you follow these instructions to use the Awaitility libraries in you Katalon scripts:

It doesn’t appear to work… maybe i don’t use it weel… does i need to import it in the script as well because even when a import it no intelisence in the script view. Any idea what i’m doing wrong.