Installing Katalon on Multiple PC / User

When installing Katalon on the PC for the first time, it ask for username/password of account created, only then it is installed. If I try to install the same setup in different PC or with different user in same windows PC, using my account details, it fails.

Do I need to create different account online to install the free Katalon Studio version each time I install it on a PC? Also If I don’t want to use any particular laptop can more, how can I remove it from it so that I can use install Katalon on another laptop with my same credentials and no need to create a new online account.


I want to know this as well.

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@er.stripathi If I have a MAC and Windows PC at work and I use same Katalon account. I never had a problem. I know Katalon team is building a new enterprise version of Katalon and because of that feature there that might be at chance of having an issue with new accounts being used at more than 1 device.