Insert date/time into subject for Set Text test step

New to auto testing and need to record submission of a new enquiry form for our business.

Got almost everything working except I need a unique subject line to find the enquiry in CRM software.

What’s the easiest way to get Katalon to insert date/time into subject field so its unique?

For example, I have a Set Text test step where input simply equals test

How do I then get Katalon to insert date/time into subject so its:

test 25/07/20 09:57 PM

(the bold being the bit I want Katalon to dynamically insert into subject line input depending on time of test execution)?

What’s the absolute simplest way to achieve this?

Take a look here

So you may get something like:
def todaysDate= new Date()
def todaysDateFormatted = todaysDate.format(“ddMMyy-HH:mm:ss.SSS”)

Then just add the formatted date to “test” like: test + ’ ’ + todaysDateFormatted (there is a space between the quotes)

If you want to have 12 hour clock with AM/PM then