Incomplete redrawing in the LogViewer when "Info" button is toggled off

MacOS 12.6, Katalon Studio v8.6.0

You can reproduce this incident by GitHub - kazurayam/ConditionalTestCaseExecutionInTestSuite, try running “Test Suites/TSb”

Please find the following screenshot. It contans 2 screenshots. On the left, the “Info” button is toggled on. On the right, the “Info” button is toggled off.

On the lefthand screenshot, you can find 11 lines of log messages: 7 Info + 4 others.

When I toggled the “Info” button off, the LogViewer redrew the pane but incompletely.

On the righthand screenshot, 4 “PASSED” and “FAILED” lines were move upward, but the “INFO” messages were … partially erased and partially remained.

It is obvious that the 7 lines downward on the righthand screen should have been redrawn and cleared! But Katalon Studio left the 7 lines un-redrawn. Consequently the LogView displays a bulk of messages which is totally confusing.

Too much primitive bug, isn’t it?

@xuan.tran for your visibility

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