In Angular website too many same name object in different test case

In angular website, the page is always in the same page.
But the content frame has been changed a lot of times, then in first frame OK button in first test case will confuse the Katalon Studio object repository objects in different times test case creating process.(second time test case with second frame second OK button, third time in third frame and third OK button)
I would like using different test case for different frame.

Could you provide me any ideas to solve it without creating a lot of project to making different objects be confused.

One/few custom keyword(s), clever designed, may help …
But everything depends on what is ‘under the hood’ … and on your programming skills and/or the willing to learn new voodoo’s

Some examples of how the html code is changing for each case may help us to find proper solutions

Sorry, I didn’t explain it in detail.
Why it confused Katalon, is because I used web record to create the script.

If I use custom keywords, does it can support web record?

Or I should not use web record, and create object repository and the script by myself?

Well … I am not a big fan of recording.
The only purpose of it for me will be just for quick sketching a project, but anyhow you have to edit the objects created to make a functional project.

I will rather go on creating the objects/code from scratch for dynamic scenarios

The problem is we want to design a process for developer to record their basic flow test case.
And after that, we will finish our own test cases by testing team.

So… that’s why I want to find a easy way to record the process.

By the way, how could I know using groovy or scratch to do what you did, does there any tutorial for starting that?

“I will rather go on creating the objects/code from scratch for dynamic scenarios”

you can start from here, is a brief explanation on how to create them in manual (gui mode) or programaticaly from testcase:

@kz0uat I agree with what @Ibus is suggesting, You should go with Creating test objects manually and then maybe use manual mode to set the flow of execution. The recording method may not work well to suite your need.

I am also not understanding this part

Are developers looking to do sanity at there end before delivering the build?

developers should learn to write unit tests.
framework agnostic.
qa people should refuse testing of any feature unless coverage report submitted. to show unit tests.
just my two cents …

My boss wanted to create a method automatically do the testing and it should be reusable in Angular Web project integration or only few adjustments. So if it is possible, we hope less manual part inside the process.

This is different to unit test, it is for the general test case in black box testing, we want developer prepare the basic flow test case by themselves. So they should record first. But if combining the recording process and automatically create a right object are impossible, I think we will change to try creating right object automatically and all in script mode.

Even all process are done by QA people, could it be more automatically in

  1. Getting all custom id DOM object in each page?
    I know it will find a lot of objects not same as what we expected, but we created id automatically for us to locate the right object first. We want to get all object with our custom id.

Or I create a similar result same as object repository, but how to import in Katalon Studio?
Or in recording it can change the id property and XPath to our custom method automatically?

2.Random test all object in list for each page
If we can create the object success, I guess we can go through the permutation combination for each page in the end.

3.We need to create a lot of test cases, but there will be a problem: same text object in Katalon Studio, it will create the same name object in first, unless we manually adjust the name. Or it will replace the original one. Could I create a method to automatically do it? Without manually change the name?
It looks like Katalon Studio is not allowed user to overwrite the original method, so is there any other way to change the process getting the right attribute and reasonable name for the objects?

Sorry about so many questions, now I don’t have a good idea to use Katalon Studio more automatically.
Thanks everyone who join the discussion.