Import Fitnesse/Xebium testscenario's in Katalon Studio?

Currently I’m looking into the possibility to convert/import testcases/-scenario’s from Fitnesse/Xebium (Xebium was used to make use of Selenium script, origially recorded by Selenium IDE) to Katalon Studio.
Anyone that has an idea if/how this can be done?
The code is in a Fitnesse specific format and the structure is modular, so it might not be so easy to convert this all to Katalon Studio.
Suggestions are appreciated very much!

edit; I’ve just read about the possibility to perform a 2 way translation by Xebium.
On their website:

“With use of the Xebium Format a script recorded in Selenium IDE is automatically translated into wiki syntax and can be pasted into FitNesse. And reverse: Wiki syntax can be copied back to Selenium IDE and can run as a selenium script. Very useful for debugging”

Anyone done this before?

Discussion can be found here:!topic/xebium/7ZKYCxUWeS0

double post.