Import a java file

I am new katalon user and know little Java.I have written a project that I want to use a class which is in my external java file. The java file is generated by protoc(and I don’t create a class file).What should I do if I want to use the external class function or import the java file?

You should try this:

Thanks kazurayam. But is there another way to direct call to the class object in my java file instead of the jar package? Or Is there only this way by adding a jar package?

No. Asolutely there isn’t.

What about dependency management using Gradle? I think you even have a topic about it:


@519862926 does not tell us why he/she wants to find another way. I suppose that @519862926 does not have access to the necessary jar file, or does not know where it is. If he/she does not know how to get the jar, Gradle would be no use.